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Digital Mentor - Capacity Building Workshop 

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Why You Should Be A Digital Mentor 

NSW SLASA with the support of Good Things Foundation Australia encourages you to become a Digital Mentor. 

  • Learn different communication and leadership skills

  • Make a difference in people's lives

  • Encourage others to learn new things 

  • Become more involved in the community

  • Being able to participate in other programs as a mentor

  • Can be included within your resume to show experience in both being  a mentor and working with technology

  • By earning the certificate, you will be expanding your knowledge, leading to better career opportunities 

This short two-part workshop will assist you to 

  •  Increase self-confidence 

  •  Increase self-growth

  •  Increase self-awareness

  •  Develop strong communication skills 

  •  Equip you with coaching and mentoring skills

  •  Gain professional development opportunities 

Join us as NSW SLASA for our free 'Digitial Mentor- Capacity Building  Program' Workshop 


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Contact Alexandra Trostel - Lead Digital Mentor 
0402 395 463

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