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NSW SLASA provides different kinds of services. Our services are offered in Spanish and English to individuals, groups based on ethnic or social background, country of origin, political, sexual or religious ideology.

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Community Development 

Individual Services


  • Formation of gender, youth and aged related groups

  • Support and arrangement of resources to the existing Spanish speaking community

  • Organised training courses, seminars and informative talks

  • Establish social, educational and recreational activities to preserve our Spanish-Latin-American cultur

  • Promotion of our culture to regulate the development of Australia as a multicultural society

  • Identify the needs of the Spanish-Latin-American communities and coordinate programs and services of using governmental resources and allowances


Case Work

NSW SLASA's care support service offers care and initiative services in a form of case management

Assists by: 

  • Providing recognition to the elderly of Spanish-speaking background requiring attention

  • Inform providers about the needs of the elderly of Spanish-speaking background

  • Offer workers practical help and advice through a culturally appropriate service

  • Highlights the perspective of challenges faced by the elderly in the provision of care services

This service is a community source designed to improve the relationship and communication between the elderly of different backgrounds and care providers. This service is financed by the Department of Health and Ageing under the Aged Care Services Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants program.

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· Informational and referral services to other governmental or private community organisations

· Counselling on individual rights, obligations and responsibilities

· Assistance and counselling on the benefits given by governmental and private organisations

· Assistance and management of the procedures and paperwork required to receive help from the governmental, community and private departments

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The Target Earlier Intervention - Department of Communities and Justice 

The Target Population for the TEI Program is children, young people, families and communities within NSW who are experiencing or at risk of vulnerability.


The vision for the TEI is:  

  • Families, children and young people’s needs are met early to prevent the escalation of vulnerability

  • Families are able to access support early in the lives of their children and young people

  • Risk factors that lead to child abuse, neglect, and domestic and family violence are addressed early

  • Aboriginal children, young people, families and communities have access to timely, effective, accessible and culturally safe support and services

  • Recognise the significance of culture and identity in safety for Aboriginal children and young people in their family and broader communities

  • Support parents to meet the physical and material needs of their children

  • Support parents to meet the emotional needs and development of their children through warm and nurturing interactions and encouragement

  • Assist young people to stay connected with their family and make positive life choices as they move into adulthood

  • Actively engage with children, families and communities experiencing vulnerabilities, working with them to provide the services they need. This may involve coordinating service provision across the sector

  • Help communities to support and protect their members, through building stronger social connections and networks


Justice of the Peace

We provide the community with Justice of the Peace services to witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. Request to speak with Carlos Encina on 9610 0288.

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Customer Service 

We provide assistance, information and/or management on your rights and responsibilities when living in Australia. Information we provide is on the procedures and paperwork required to receive help from the governmental, community and private departments. We also provide information on housing, legal matters, immigration, employment, social security, health and other sectors.

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Telephone and Personal Information Service

If you need information on any private or governmental service, assistance on Spanish speaking groups, consulates, activities, require advocacy to make an appointment to access our services, you can do so by calling us or visiting our office in Bonnyrigg. We will be more than happy to assist you.

General Services

  •  IT classes

  • Women's Groups

  • Elderly Groups

  • Help filling out forms

  • Information on other services in the community

  • Referrals and advocacy for services that require it

  • Photocopying and printing services 

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